Meet Steve
Steve grew up on a ranch in Central Texas, working with both horses and cattle. In his youth, he served as the Chapter Sentinel and Chapter President of the High School F.F.A. His Senior year of High School, Steve served as President of the local 4-H Club.

During the first two years of college, Steve worked as the assistant manager of the Belton Farmers Coop. He moved to Tarleton State University, where he worked on the University farm, working with a variety of production animals, specializing in cow-calf operations, as well as general farming. Steve went on to Texas A & M to complete his Bachelor of Science degree in Agricultural Science. Subsequently, he began graduate studies with an emphasis in beef cattle management, conducting graduate research and publishing a definitive paper on managing the co-existence of the white tail deer population with beef cattle to maximize land owner revenue, while preserving the integrity of the land. Steve received his Master of Science, from Texas A & M in 1992.

Steve began his career in public service, before ever Graduating from High School. He has maintained His love for people for more than 30 years. Steve has taught Agricultural Science, General Science, and served as a Counselor with the Texas Rehabilitation Commission. Steve’s love for the Great outdoors, nature, People and Property has developed over the last 3 decades. He continues to serve as a Real Estate Broker for Residential homes as well as a Rural and Agricultural Land Specialist. He has an eye Construction, Landscape, Land Habitat and Production as well as Livestock and often does custom order buying of livestock for selected clients. He knows the land and what potential use and restrictions harmonize with the needs of both wildlife and domestic animal production.

Steve’s motto is to serve God, Man, and Nature, to leave a legacy for the next generation. He is the proud father of two wonderful children. Steve resides in beautiful Central Texas. He serves His Community through Ministry and His vocation as a Real Estate Broker, this is a way of life for Steve. His hobbies are hunting, fishing, and boating. If you want to Purchase or sell Residential or Rural Real Estate, contact Steve English. He is a trusted professional in the Real Estate business, with an actual working knowledge of the Real Estate Market, Residential, Land & Livestock, Wildlife and Recreational properties.

Steve is helping people just like You every day, make their dreams a reality. Steve English will Help You find Your Peace in the Country, by Helping You find Your Peace of the Country.
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